Sunday, October 03, 2010


Billabong plaid shorts
White T-shirt
Vans K. Lay editions kicks
Arashiro Beni "Bitter & Sweet" album

I must say that I am lovin' Netflix.
I rarely watch domestic tv.
Of course I watch stuff on our local San Francisco channel 26.
For some reason the programs only have eigo subtitles on Saturday though.
Sunday you are on your own.

I love documentaries, ghost shows & true crime.
There are handful of channels I do dig, namely:
Nat Geo, PBS, Bio, The History Channel

I love instantly streaming stuff from Netflix & I have been tearing through some great documentaries the past few days, it's how I learn yo!

Plus there have been quite a few classic Japanese movies I have not had a chance to see yet & there are quite a few of them available for streaming. Buying the criterion editions of these flicks would put a strain on my wallet, which is taking heavy hits right now.


bargain buys:

I stopped by Fry's to pick up a copy of Dante's Inferno on Bluray

This is the Korean/Japanese animated movie based on the game.
I love the game & always wanted to peep the movie, I just couldn't bring myself to pay full price for it.

Fry's had it on sale for $7.98 & I just couldn't say no to that. Especially since Production I.G. animated one of the sequences.


While I was there I saw the God of War III Ultimate Edition for $59.68 which was pretty much the same price as the regular edition now.

Well, how can you say no to that?

GOWIII has been on my to buy list since it has been released but all gamers know there have not been any shortages of great games released for the past year or so.

After opening the box & examining it's contents I don't think the original price of $100 was worth it.

The Ultimate Edition comes with the following:
-God of War III game
-GOW artbook
-a voucher for downloading the GOW trilogy sound track & "Blood & Metal" a heavy-metal homage to the music from the game
-a voucher for downloading a premium skin for your PS3
-a voucher for downloading a GOW III combat arena with an exclusive environment & new challenges **you do have to finish the game before any of that is actually available to you though

The whole package comes in a small "Pandora's Box" modeled after the in-game Pandora's Box.

Aside from the artbook & maybe the sound track/music, I'm pretty meh about everything else.

I've played GOW I & GOW Chains of Olympus on the psp, believe me when I tell you they were nothing short of amazing.

I own the GOW collection so I am going to tear through the HD remix of GOW II then jump on in to playing III.

Based on the hype I believe I am in for an EPIC gaming experience.

Now they've got the pre-order for the new psp GOW Ghost of Sparta pack, since I have sold my last psp I am thinking that I need to get that shizzle.

It's quite sexy in red & black.

I need to complete my GOW experience after all.


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