Saturday, October 02, 2010

Hello Hello Hi

Nike Terminator High's Boston Celtics edition
Levis 514's slim straight denim
short sleeve plaid shirt to match the kicks
G Shock watch
Headporter wallet
J-Reggae compilation (PANG, Akane, Minmi)
Met my mom & some other family for breakfast at IHOP, I love kickin it with fam when we're getting along.

Had the sirloin tips & eggs with 2 buttermilk pancakes effectively consuming all of the calories I should need for the day in one sitting, but you know I'm gonna grub again...

After breakfast mom mentioned she had an appointment at the salon for manicure, pedicure, facial, massage -the works.

Since I like to keep my whole shit squared away I went along for a MANicure & a pedicure.
Even though I'm a dude that doesn't make it ok to have your finger nails & feet all fucked off.

The place was clean, customer service was great & the girls that were working in there were dimes. Plus mom's was payin' so it was all gravity.

After getting my shit squared away I headed over to Son of Gigan's crib.
He had pre-ordered two copies of SCANDAL's Temptation Box photobook/cd set.

He pre-ordered it twice from two different websites out of fear that he wouldn't receive a copy & it getting sold out everywhere else before he could get his hands on a copy.

He got it for around $50 plus he had to have it shipped, he sold me his second copy for $30 which is a fucking steal.

Now that they've blown up I doubt they'll ever make a trip out here again, I was lucky enough to see them at Japan Night a couple years back. I shall forever cherish that moment.

What can I say man, kawaii Japanese girls move me.

I am a lover of Japanese idols, no doubt.


On the gaming tip, HALO fucking REACH.

I am late to the FPS thing, I used to get wicked motion sickness so I just gave up on them.

When Modern Warfare 2 came out I decided to give FPS's another shot, I just couldn't stand being left out of all MW2 hype, I found that if I sat directly in front of my tv at a pretty close distance I could play without getting nauseous.

That opened the door to Killzone 2 & now HALO.

I'm glad I gave Reach a shot because my Xbox 360 elite bundle came with ODST which I just didn't get at all, I was NOT feeling ODST but based on the hype & peer pressure from my friends I picked up Reach & I'm glad I did because it has been one of the best gaming experiences I've had since, I don't know, Super Street Fighter IV maybe?

Anyways, I have been throroughly caught up in the hype & went out & bought all the Macfarlane Halo Reach toys I could get my hands on.

I also went out to Flying Colors Comics & picked up the #1 of 4 Halo: The Fall of Reach comic book.

Although I don't think I'll ever go back & play the other Halo games I do plan on getting everything Halo Reach related that my budget can stand.

Other than HALO Reach, I can't say enough about Scott Pilgrim: The Game.

The books were nothing short of amazing, the game is top notch, the movie was cool.

I love Scott Pilgrim & have spent a pretty penny collecting Scott Pilgrim related merchandise.

Comics, check. Game, check. Scott & Ramona plushies, check. Posters, check.
I'm just waiting for that damn movie to be released on bluray.

Deathsmiles Limited Edition, if you love bullet hell shooters this game is a MUST.
Nuff said.

My brain is fried now, it's been hella long since I've written something here.

I had soooo much shit going on.

I think I need to write more here from here on out, shit can be therapeutic.



solo said...

With a couple anime tie-ins over the past year, who knows, maybe SCANDAL'll make it out to the US again as a hook on to somethin' else. Cool that you got to see 'em in any case.

Haven't played Halo since 2, heh, tho I enjoyed the multiplayer back then. I'm sure a bunch has changed since, especially on the 360; sounds like you're hooked.

Tsuji Eriku said...

Solo Kun, good to hear from you. Didn't think anyone would notice this post!

Yeah, I'd say Anime Expo in Southern Cali would probably be my best bet at ever seeing SCANDAL again short of me going to Japan.

I am in complete LUST with Ono Haruna.

If you have a 360 I do recommend Halo reach, I suck at multi player, but it's fun as hell, I have a solo campaign game going as well as a multi player campaign going with Wonton.

Anonymous said...

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