Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My otaku tendencies started early, the 80's had the dope toys IMHO

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Recently copped a bike a Specialized "hardrock" 19" frame gotta try & get fit nahmean?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Holy shitzu

my jammies
Nintendo 3DS
J Rap compilation
(featuring Kreva, Halcali, Rip Slyme, Teriyaki Boyz, M-Flo, Wise, Seamo)


So was the 3DS worth the purchase?
Um....I can't recommend running out & buying one just yet.

I was pretty much underwhelmed by the launch titles. Slim pickin's if you ask me.

The title I was really interested in trying, Steel Diver, got some bad reviews so I figure I could wait awhile before giving it a shot.

There are some cool titles dropping in the near future ahem...Kid Icarus, Resident Evil...

I hate to admit this but I've never actually beat Ocarina of Time so I was going to give it a go on the 3DS but Miko loaned me the Gamecube bonus disc version with the Master Quest included on it sooooo, it looks like I'll be saving some coin there.

I was planning on waiting for other titles to drop before picking up a 3DS but after reviewing the monthly budget & after realizing there was an extra paycheck for the month of April I decided to help out Wonton & take his extra 3DS off his hands today.

Now that I had a 3DS I had to at least get A game to play.

Now SSFIV is a good game & all but it's just I wanted something new, a change of pace if you will, from my recent gaming activity but when it came down to it there just wasn't anything else I was willing to spend my hard earned coin on today other than Ridge Racer. Sigh...

On payday I may pick up Ghost Recon & PES 2011 but other than that I can't think of anything else that's out right now for the 3DS I'd want to play, hell I may just skip those two altogether to tell you the truth.

I've got a wicked backlog of triple A titles I still need to get through.

All said, just wait a few months if you're considering the purchase. There really isn't much to write home about.

MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Must buy.

Will I spend the coin for the fightstick ultimate whatever edition?


Work sucks.


Japan Nite 2011

I love Japan Nite I try to go every year. I hate the fact that the show seems to always be on some weird night of the week ahem...a weekday!

This year it was on a SUNDAY!


I have to get up at an ungodly hour for work & the venue is a 45 minute drive from my house.

I almost didn't go but a buddy of mine already bought me a ticket so I was kinda obligated.

Here's a breakdown of the events:

6:30pm -Leave my house

7:30pm -Get to The Independent

7:30 - 8:15 - drive around San Francisco looking for a parking spot

8:30pm -walk through the front doors of The Independent

I had already missed the opening band but came in just in time to see Hystoic Vein play their set.

I liked them very much, the lead singer was kinda yummers.

I stayed for Zukunasisters' set & had a beer, by that time it was 10:30pm & I decided I better go.

I stayed to see the new lineup of Lolita No.18 play a song then trekked my ass 4 blocks to my car & drove 45 minutes home.




I have friends in Tokyo & as my friend Yumiko likes to tell me "Tokyo is your 2nd hometown".

I sure like to think of it that way.
My close friends & family know that I absolutely love Tokyo.

When I heard about the Tsunami & the earthquake my heart sank, thankfully Tokyo escaped relatively unscathed by the tragedy.

I confirmed with all of my friends in Tokyo that they were ok.

My friends & family in Guam & Hawaii gave me the thumbs up too.

Although none of my peeps were directly affected my heart was aching for the victims.

I spent the entire weekend of the tragedy streaming news from Japan & just watched awestruck.

I didn't feel right doing anything fun, playing video games, reading manga -all of it was out the door for that weekend.

I wish there was something more I could do but I think the best thing anyone that give's a damn can do right now is donate, Japan has well qualified people in the trenches working. I think the best thing we can do is just donate $ & give them the resources they need to continue to do their job.

Big ups to Good Life, I swooped up their benefit tee, & also Japan Nite for donating the proceeds from the show to the Red Cross.


I'm exhausted people, gonna bounce like a bad check & try my hand at some Ridge Racer 3D.


Saturday, October 09, 2010

Ohaiyo Gozaimasu

Hanes wife beater
(I always thought this term was hilarious although I do not condone beating your wife)
Hanes boxer briefs
ABC 7 Morning News

I hate the fact that I wake up early on the weekends. This happens most weekends unless I party the night before.

It's a side affect of working at 5:30am Monday - Friday. I love getting off early during the week but I wish I could sleep in on the weekend! Blah!

As you can guess I did not "party" last night. I did however get my Halo Reach on with some good buddies of mine Wontons & The Real Dr. Bombay, BravoFoxtrot72 hopped in for a quick team deathmatch game at the end of the session.

I have a solo campaign going which I'm at Mission 09: The Package.
Last night we played through missions 09 & 10.

I guess that's pretty much the end of the game with just Mission 11 left which we all know you do not come back from ugh.


In other news, I have recently become a homeowner!

The current conditions in the real estate market made it possible for a bum out like me to own a home. The terms of my loan were awesome & I got an awesome deal on an older crib that was bought by a "flipper".

The seller bought the home as an investment, went in gutted the place & made it all shiny in order to get some return on it.

Needless to say I am stoked about this, I have been running around getting all of the utilities turned on, buying furniture & this weekend happens to be a 3-day weekend so I'll be spending most of the weekend at the house cleaning up & getting ready to move in.

This has been a hectic 7 months with ALOT of changes happening in my life, which is why I pretty much dropped off the grid for awhile.

But yeah, I got a little stress going on but it's good stress!


Sunday, October 03, 2010


Billabong plaid shorts
White T-shirt
Vans K. Lay editions kicks
Arashiro Beni "Bitter & Sweet" album

I must say that I am lovin' Netflix.
I rarely watch domestic tv.
Of course I watch stuff on our local San Francisco channel 26.
For some reason the programs only have eigo subtitles on Saturday though.
Sunday you are on your own.

I love documentaries, ghost shows & true crime.
There are handful of channels I do dig, namely:
Nat Geo, PBS, Bio, The History Channel

I love instantly streaming stuff from Netflix & I have been tearing through some great documentaries the past few days, it's how I learn yo!

Plus there have been quite a few classic Japanese movies I have not had a chance to see yet & there are quite a few of them available for streaming. Buying the criterion editions of these flicks would put a strain on my wallet, which is taking heavy hits right now.


bargain buys:

I stopped by Fry's to pick up a copy of Dante's Inferno on Bluray

This is the Korean/Japanese animated movie based on the game.
I love the game & always wanted to peep the movie, I just couldn't bring myself to pay full price for it.

Fry's had it on sale for $7.98 & I just couldn't say no to that. Especially since Production I.G. animated one of the sequences.


While I was there I saw the God of War III Ultimate Edition for $59.68 which was pretty much the same price as the regular edition now.

Well, how can you say no to that?

GOWIII has been on my to buy list since it has been released but all gamers know there have not been any shortages of great games released for the past year or so.

After opening the box & examining it's contents I don't think the original price of $100 was worth it.

The Ultimate Edition comes with the following:
-God of War III game
-GOW artbook
-a voucher for downloading the GOW trilogy sound track & "Blood & Metal" a heavy-metal homage to the music from the game
-a voucher for downloading a premium skin for your PS3
-a voucher for downloading a GOW III combat arena with an exclusive environment & new challenges **you do have to finish the game before any of that is actually available to you though

The whole package comes in a small "Pandora's Box" modeled after the in-game Pandora's Box.

Aside from the artbook & maybe the sound track/music, I'm pretty meh about everything else.

I've played GOW I & GOW Chains of Olympus on the psp, believe me when I tell you they were nothing short of amazing.

I own the GOW collection so I am going to tear through the HD remix of GOW II then jump on in to playing III.

Based on the hype I believe I am in for an EPIC gaming experience.

Now they've got the pre-order for the new psp GOW Ghost of Sparta pack, since I have sold my last psp I am thinking that I need to get that shizzle.

It's quite sexy in red & black.

I need to complete my GOW experience after all.


Saturday, October 02, 2010

Hello Hello Hi

Nike Terminator High's Boston Celtics edition
Levis 514's slim straight denim
short sleeve plaid shirt to match the kicks
G Shock watch
Headporter wallet
J-Reggae compilation (PANG, Akane, Minmi)
Met my mom & some other family for breakfast at IHOP, I love kickin it with fam when we're getting along.

Had the sirloin tips & eggs with 2 buttermilk pancakes effectively consuming all of the calories I should need for the day in one sitting, but you know I'm gonna grub again...

After breakfast mom mentioned she had an appointment at the salon for manicure, pedicure, facial, massage -the works.

Since I like to keep my whole shit squared away I went along for a MANicure & a pedicure.
Even though I'm a dude that doesn't make it ok to have your finger nails & feet all fucked off.

The place was clean, customer service was great & the girls that were working in there were dimes. Plus mom's was payin' so it was all gravity.

After getting my shit squared away I headed over to Son of Gigan's crib.
He had pre-ordered two copies of SCANDAL's Temptation Box photobook/cd set.

He pre-ordered it twice from two different websites out of fear that he wouldn't receive a copy & it getting sold out everywhere else before he could get his hands on a copy.

He got it for around $50 plus he had to have it shipped, he sold me his second copy for $30 which is a fucking steal.

Now that they've blown up I doubt they'll ever make a trip out here again, I was lucky enough to see them at Japan Night a couple years back. I shall forever cherish that moment.

What can I say man, kawaii Japanese girls move me.

I am a lover of Japanese idols, no doubt.


On the gaming tip, HALO fucking REACH.

I am late to the FPS thing, I used to get wicked motion sickness so I just gave up on them.

When Modern Warfare 2 came out I decided to give FPS's another shot, I just couldn't stand being left out of all MW2 hype, I found that if I sat directly in front of my tv at a pretty close distance I could play without getting nauseous.

That opened the door to Killzone 2 & now HALO.

I'm glad I gave Reach a shot because my Xbox 360 elite bundle came with ODST which I just didn't get at all, I was NOT feeling ODST but based on the hype & peer pressure from my friends I picked up Reach & I'm glad I did because it has been one of the best gaming experiences I've had since, I don't know, Super Street Fighter IV maybe?

Anyways, I have been throroughly caught up in the hype & went out & bought all the Macfarlane Halo Reach toys I could get my hands on.

I also went out to Flying Colors Comics & picked up the #1 of 4 Halo: The Fall of Reach comic book.

Although I don't think I'll ever go back & play the other Halo games I do plan on getting everything Halo Reach related that my budget can stand.

Other than HALO Reach, I can't say enough about Scott Pilgrim: The Game.

The books were nothing short of amazing, the game is top notch, the movie was cool.

I love Scott Pilgrim & have spent a pretty penny collecting Scott Pilgrim related merchandise.

Comics, check. Game, check. Scott & Ramona plushies, check. Posters, check.
I'm just waiting for that damn movie to be released on bluray.

Deathsmiles Limited Edition, if you love bullet hell shooters this game is a MUST.
Nuff said.

My brain is fried now, it's been hella long since I've written something here.

I had soooo much shit going on.

I think I need to write more here from here on out, shit can be therapeutic.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Build & Destroy

Tsuji's house is under construction.